There is a way
S’hail is the perfect app to use to get around Dubai. Designed for residents and visitors alike, S’hail makes travel quick, simple and hassle-free.

  So, be it bus schedules and stops, Dubai taxi fares, and Uber and Careem options within, tram stations and routes, metro timings as well as red or green line information, and any dos and don’ts, you have it all at your fingertips, thanks to S’hail.
S’hail brings together all RTA transportation services - Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram, RTA taxis and buses - on one platform, and is the perfect navigation tool for residents and visitors alike.

S’hail is user-friendly and intuitive. It is a simple interface allowing you to access and browse information easily, while frequent searches are automatically saved for future reference.

Every day a smarter way

Journey planner

I am your personal travel companion, effortlessly guiding you around Dubai. Plan your trip from A to B with ease as I show you all the transportation options you can take. I’ve also taken the extra step to provide you with a first and last mile solution – so you can have combined trip options!

Multiple Booking Options

Ability to book an RTA Taxi, Limo, and even Careem and Uber: You can book your ride through me! Not only that, you can also compare their costs - right on the same page. Want different types of RTA taxis? I can help you get the Van for your big group of friends, or a Ladies only cab when you need it.

Bus timings and potential delays

Need to catch that bus? Don’t sweat it! I can show you all the timings, and even let you know if the bus might run a little late.

Real time traffic updates

As you drive around the city, let me help you find a smarter way, with real-time traffic updates, so you can get to your destination on-time, every time!